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In 2014, I rebranded.

It sounds somewhat odd to say. We typically only talk about branding, or rebranding, as it relates to larger companies and organizations

But I’ve come to learn that rebranding is just as important for oneself, as it is for a corporation.

As part of my “rebrand”, I transitioned from sports journalism to marketing, and eventually found my niche in content marketing.

I went from writing game recaps, shooting video features and live-tweeting sports games, to essentially doing the exact same thing, for brands.

The transferrable skill I possessed was content creation.

I began my journey by immersing myself in a research project, exploring the wants, needs and pain points of an average business owner.

I emerged on the other side as the Founder & Creative Director of my own content marketing agency.

It didn’t happen overnight, and it certainly wasn’t an easy process, but it was a necessary one.

One of my key learnings was that almost all CEO’s shared the same fundamental problem: they felt overwhelmed by social media.

Seeking a solution to their problem, I built a proactive social media management model, while simultaneously establishing myself as a crisis management expert.

After all, it is often through our own experiences that we gather the most practical knowledge.

Regardless of your reason – a life event, a change of priorities, or simply refreshing an outdated look – rebranding is part of our growth process.

To stay relevant, brands, and individuals, constantly need to reinvent themselves.

It’s really the only way to ensure longevity.

Take Old Spice, for example. The brand has been around for decades. In the last ten years alone, the men’s deodorant line has shifted from a juvenile frathouse favourite, to one that is cheeky, mature and sophisticated.

There are countless other examples: from the Super Size Me version of McDonald’s to the McCafe version, the post-Steve Jobs Apple era, and the evolution of Burberry from gang affiliate to British chic.

While there are many different tactics and approaches used in carrying out a rebrand, the premise remains the same: reinvention.

Consciously take charge of your transformation – whether you’re undertaking a massive overhaul, or simply pivoting from point A to point B – and have fun reinventing yourself.

An abundance of online tools make it possible for us to take marketing into our own hands.

If you’re just entering the workforce, or if you’ve already been here for a few years, understanding the value of a recognizable brand will carry you a long way in your career.

Understanding the importance of rebranding will carry you even further.

Tieja MacLaughlin