Kinder Surprise Canada


ASK: Grow account, increase reach, inspire user-generated content, share brand message (show Kinder Surprise as a treat for any day, “Surprise Them Back” messaging). 

STRATEGY: Facilitate proactive community management, in conjunction with the Kinder Influencer Program and paid media teams. Partnered with Influencers to create content, drive trial and increase brand awareness. Managed social giveaway to encourage user-generated content. Developed the brand's first proactive moderation guide. Objectives included: community growth, humanize brand/voice through moderation, supported with active strategic outreach, maximize engagement opportunities within and outside of the community, respond to all incoming inquiries,  implementation of hashtag strategy. 

RESULT: Growth: hit 1,000 followers mark (31% increase in followers over seven weeks). Engagement: doubled engagement on organic posts.