TIEJA Inc. | Public Relations
TIEJA Inc. | Public Relations
Helping brands proactively manage their digital footprint and mitigate crisis.

WE HELP YOU Proactively manage

your digital footprinT AND MITIGATE CRISIS.


BY ProtectING and

PromotING your brand online.



38% of Instagram accounts are fake or inactive.

Only 0.2% of eligible stories make it onto your newsfeed.

More than 70% of brand mentions cannot be tracked without proper social listening tools.

The skill, commitment and attention to detail are remarkable.
— Andrew Sawyer, Conversion Group
Analytical thinking, regimented planning, and brilliant creativity.
— Peter Elmhurst, The Ad Managers

Case Study

Brand X Sought online reputation management.

Using organic and ethical methods, We enhanced public brand perception, successfully displaying positive content on the primary SERP and improved negative sentiment by over 50%.

Tieja Inc Case Study Reputation Management Toronto.JPG